By : Jay Crownover

Goodreads Summery: Starting over in Denver with a whole new circle of friends and family, Asa Cross struggles with being the man he knows everyone wants him to be and the man he knows he really is. A leopard doesn’t it change its spots and Asa has always been a predator. He doesn’t want to hurt those who love and rely on him, especially one luscious arresting cop who suddenly seems to be interested in him for far more than his penchant for breaking the law. But letting go of old habits is hard, and it’s easy to hit bottom when it’s the place you know best.

Royal Hastings is quickly learning what the bottom looks like after a tragic situation at work threatens not only her career but her partner’s life. As a woman who has only ever had a few real friends she’s trying to muddle through her confusion and devastation all alone. Except she can’t stop thinking about the sexy southern bartender she locked up. Crushing on Asa is the last thing she needs but his allure is too strong to resist. His long criminal record can only hurt her already shaky career and chasing after a guy who has no respect for the law or himself can only end in heartbreak.A longtime criminal and a cop together just seems so wrong . . . but for Asa and Royal, being wrong together is the only right choice to make

What I though: If you haven’t read the A Marked Men Novels get too it like now. I  love each book and can relate to the characters. Asa has lived a bad life and he knew it. Having a near death experience changed him. His sister Ayden drag him back to Denver with her new found family. Asa has hurt and used everyone he can to get him what he wants. Asa grew up poor and always though he deserve better and the best of everything money, drugs, car, women. But now he has gotten a 2nd chance at life. Even when he doesn’t think he deserves it. Rome had taken him under his wing and gave him a job. 

Royal was the hottest thing in town but she was a cop. Her partner just landed in the hospital has made her feel horrible. She starts to go to the bar that Asa is working and starts to flirt with him. She wants him. She tried everything to get him to go home with her.  Things big up between them that one night it happened. This starts has just sex and a friendship. They start to hang out but Asa cant let go of his past to give this a fair shot. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. He thinks that he cant give her what he thinks she deserve.  Royal is trying to get him to see that there is more to a person then their pasted. Ya he may have been a bad person but now hes better. 

 Its a beautiful story of someone that has a past that need to put it behind him to be the person they are supposed to be. I love the last thing Asa says in the book ” We were marked and had been marked in unforgettable and forever ways. We were all better men for it. Marked men. None of  us would have it any other way.” 

This was a great way to end the A Marken Men novels. I cant wait to see what Jay Crownover has next for us. I gave this book 5 out of 5 Stars !!

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