Sherlock Season 4

sherlock-season-4Sherlock Season 4 on BBC

Sherlock is back. I don’t have cable but I do have a Roku box and I was trying to find something to watch and I saw that they have the first 3 season of Sherlock on Netflix. I had already watch all of Elementary and I wanted some more Sherlock. I had heard a lot of people saying good things about the BBC Sherlock so I said “hey, why not?”. So, I watched them all. At first I didn’t get why there was only 3 episodes a season and why there hadn’t been anything new in a while. But I guess that is just the way they do it. Last we left off Sherlock had to leave Britain for killing that guy. Has Sherlock was leaving a video came on over TV everything in Britain. With Jim Moriarty saying “Did you miss me?”. So, the government had to bring Sherlock back. He is the only one who can figure it out. Season 4 will be airing New Year’s Day in 2017. Season 4 will have a darker tone to it then the last 3 seasons. Just because the video had Jim Moriarty in it cvtkgh4waaa7lut-720x720doesn’t mean that he will be this seasons villain.  So, that leaves us with an unknown enemy.
Most of the news that is out right now is all unofficial rumors on a lot for season 4. One rumor is that there will be a 3rd Holmes Brother. Sherrinford Holmes is the oldest brother. If you look him up, you wouldn’t find much on him online. Sherlock and Mycroft have been on the right said of the law they say that Sherrinford is more on the evil side. Sherrinford was the one who mentored Jim Moriarty. He is also described to be more intelligent than
his younger brothers. I believe that this is going to an emotional season for the Holmes Brothers. There had been no confirmation on who is going to play the 3rd brother. Who is rumored to play Sherrinford Holmes? Well from what I have read online it’s between Outlander`s hunk Sam Heughan and Thor`s crazy brother Tom Hiddleston but who knows it maybe either of them. That Is just want I found out online.  I don’t know who I would want more because I love them both.  So, with us talking about a marvel actor. Did you know that Dr. Strange is our very only Benedict Cumberbatch? I have seen the trailer and there was something about it I couldn’t figure it out, well now I know. Martin Freeman also was seen in Captain America: Civil War as Everett Ross.  I can`t wait for season 4 of Sherlock. I can only hope that this will not be the last season. Cumberbatch reveals that there may be a ‘break’ after the series is over. But who knows it was a while in between season 3 and season 4.  The 1st Episode this season is The Six Thatcher’s and this was based on Arthur Conan Doyle`s short story “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.” This episode was written by Mark Gatiss or you may know him has Mycroft on the show. The 2nd Episode is The Lying Detective.  I don’t know what is going to happened this season but what I can say is that I can’t wait to find out. Here is Season 4 Teaser official Trailer:


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