The Bennett Series

The Bennett Family Series 

By: Layla Hagen

The Bennett family is a really big family. There are 9 siblings Sebastian, Logan, Pippa, Alice, Max & Christopher, Blake & Daniel, and Summer. I love this family. If I could I would be a Bennett. They have a family owned business and that has made them a rich family but they did not grow up like that. They lived on a farm, so they know all about hard work. Now that they are growing up their Mother and Father want grandchildren. So the oldest girl Pippa takes it upon herself to start matchmaking her siblings. I have to say that I have read hundreds of romance books and sometimes they don’t stand out. But I did not have that problem with the Bennett`s. Each Bennett story was different in their own way.

The Bennett Series
Your  Irresistible Love – Sebastian & Ava
Your Captivating Love – Logan & Nadine
Your Forever Love – Pippa & Eric
Your Inescapable Love – Max & Emilia

***** You should read these books in order or you will be spoiled. If you have not read the books be carful not to read the other reviews. Read one review as you get to the books so there are no spoilers. *****

I’m going to go over each Bennett story. I have to say that this is what family should be about. They are very loyal to their family. They all work hard at Bennett Enterprises. This is a family that will give everything they have for one another.  I don’t know for sure but I believe that each Bennett will get their own book. I am really hoping they do. I love them all and want to watch them all fall in love. So far, not two books have been the same they have all been different.

Your Irresistible Love is Sebastian and Ava Story

Sebastian is the oldest sibling in the Bennett family. He was the one to start it all. He asked his mother and father to sell their farm to get him the money to start everything. Sebastian is the CEO of Bennett Enterprises. He works very hard to take care of his family, so that leaves little time for dating or being in a relationship for too long. His family has always came first. Getting ready for another show he hirers a external marketing consultant to help oversee the next collection. That is where Ava comes into the picture. She is at the top of her game and knows just what to do to help the show come together. The first time Sebastian and Ava meet there is pull. He wants to get to know her and she likes him. But the consultancy she works for has a strict no fraternizing policy. So they couldn’t be together even if they wanted too. As the saying goes “the heart wants what the heart wants”. They form a deep connection that takes them by surprise. Neither of them want this but they cant help the feelings they have for one another. I really like Ava she is a strong woman. She can handle herself in out of the boardroom. But a lot like Sebastian she is married to her work.

Your Captivating Love is Logan and Nadine Story

Logan so far is my favorite brother. He is the CFO of Bennett Enterprises. I was so sad because his  Ex really hurt him. I don’t think it broke his heart but more a long the line of it made him think that he would never have what his parents have. All he learned was that you have to keep your love life away from your family.  Logan is the guy that anyone would be lucky to date. He may date around but he is no player or bad guy. Logan`s Rule when dating is treat every women the way you want someone to treat your sister. He is one of the good guys. So now that Sebastian is settling down with Ava, its Logan turn. Ava’s best friend Nadine has moved to California. Nadine has a hard time but she wants to open her own Dress Boutique. She wants to help take care of her family. With Pippa, Logan`s sister playing matchmaker. She thinks its perfect for Logan and Nadine to get together. At first Logan is all like I can get my own date, I don’t need you help Pippa. But after meeting Nadine thinks that this may work. They start to hang out and become friends. They want to see where this could go. Nadine has always been on her own. She has always done everything by herself with no help and she has had bad luck. All Logan wants is to be there for her and take care of her, but when she isn’t used to someone doing that its hard for her. I can see myself in Nadine. She wants to take care of everyone else but herself. I get that. She is sweet but knows how to have fun. Logan is going to have to show her he really wants to be with her. Nadine needs to learn that she can let a man take care of her.

Your Forever Love – Pippa and Eric Story

Pippa is the creative head at Bennett Enterprise. She helps make some of the jewelry. She is an all around great person. She takes care of everyone, most would never see her cry and she doesn’t ask for help when she needs it. Pippa is going through a rough divorce. He ex only wanted her money. I don’t care who you are, that has to hurt. Giving your heart to someone that never wanted that but only a pay day is so mean. Pippa is the one that has been helping her siblings find love well now its Pippa’s turn and I don’t know if she’s ready or if Eric is. Eric is a CEO of his own business and has a sharp sense of business that has earned him the nickname the shark. Eric is a widower and has a daughter. Eric’s daughter is everything to him. He works hard to give her everything. When they have to move to San Francisco  for 3 months. When coming to Sebastian and Ava`s Wedding they run into Pippa. Eric`s daughter hero worships Pippa and she wants to be just like her.  Eric goes out with women but its nothing more then one night. Didn’t want to take away time from his daughter. Pippa offers to have her over to her work shop to teach her the ropes. The more time Pippa and Eric are together the harder it is for them to stay away from one another. They start seeing each other but only for the time he is in Cali. In the End can he walk away from the women who has not only his heart but his kid or will he fight for her.

Your Inescapable Love is Max and Emilia Story

Max has been working to branch Bennett Enterprise overseas. But now Max wants to come home and be closer to his family. Max has a twin brother Christopher. With the oldest 3 siblings settling down now its Max`s turn. Max is back in the USA and he needs a Physical Therapist. When Max goes in for his first appointment, he is surprised to know that he already knows his PT. Its his childhood best friend Emilia. He hasn’t seen her in 9 years. But they were close and he missed that. Max wants to be in Emilia`s  life and she wants to be in his. But Emilia isn’t a little girl he played with anymore. No, now she is a hot sexy woman.  When Emilia first came into Max`s life, she had just lost her mother and her father had left her. Max became her friend and gave her a place to feel save. Emilia hero worshipped Max. Some feelings never change. But Emilia doesn’t know if she wants to risk their friendship to be in love.

I don’t know whos book is next but I think its going to be Alice because they did hint to it. But Christopher could be, I don’t know. I cant wait to have some new Bennett family in my life. I have made some Bennett Family Bookmarks for my Etsy shop. I hope to get them up soon or they may be up by the time this post comes out. Here are some pictures of the bookmarks.



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