Your Alluring Love Review

untitled.pngYour Alluring Love

By: Layla Hagen

Goodreads Summary: Alice Bennett has been holding a torch for her older brother’s best friend, Nate, for more than a decade. He’s a hotshot TV producer who travels the world, never staying in San Francisco for too long. But now he’s in town and just as tempting as ever… with a bossy streak that makes her weak in the knees and a smile that melts her defenses. As a successful restaurant owner, Alice is happy with her life. She loves her business and her family, yet after watching her siblings find their happy ever after, she can’t help feeling lonely sometimes—but that’s only for her to know. Nate has always had a soft spot for Alice. Despite considering the Bennett’s his family, he never could look at her as just his friend’s little sister. She’s a spitfire, and Nate just can’t stay away. He loves making her laugh… and blush. Their attraction is irresistible, and between stolen kisses and wicked-hot nights, they form a deep bond that has them both yearning for more. But when the chance of a lifetime comes knocking at his door, will Nate chase success even if it means losing Alice, or will he choose her?

What I though: I love Nate! We have been hitting on who this family friend that Alice liked. I think out of the Bennett family that we know so far, She is the one I most connect with. Alice didn’t go into business with her older brothers. Alice has two successful restaurants and is opening another restaurant/ bar with her younger brother.  I like that she gives her money to the older peoples homes and its more then that. She brings them food and spends time with them.  Alice is confident but I think she puts up a front to hind her feelings. In a big family with everyone falling in love and having kids I don’t think she thinks that will ever happen to her.  When She runs into a family friend at her mothers birthday and see him again she cant help but look because she doesn’t think that it would ever happen. Nate loves all the Bennett’s but for a long time he has had feelings for Alice. He knows he isn’t the man for her and there is a list has to why. He has tried not to act on his feelings for so long but now he really cant have her. Why? Nate is moving to London to work on a show. Nate is someone that I could go after. He is funny and smart but he is really just a great guy. He isn’t to over the top. He wants to help Alice anyway he can. So he ask if they would like to have the new restaurant/bar on TV. With A little bit of help and he makes it happen. Everything is going well for Nate. But when he is past up on the job, he thinks it a sign to maybe try things with Alice. They both are happy to give their feels a try. For the first time we didn’t have this I don’t want thing long term or I just want to have fun. They have know each other a way too long to play games. They have feelings for each other and now they can just let it happen. They have so much chemistry it just comes off the page. Nate can get you hot and bothered but he can be sweet. When He finds out that one of her younger brothers gets hurt he drops what he is doing to come be with her. Even if it was just to hold her. Or the day after they was together and he has to leave before Alice wakes. At first Alice thinks he just left and feel like shit. She starts to get ready for the day and may making plans to kill him. I was just like this is so what I would be doing but when she hears him in the other room she cant believe it. I think I fell in love with him when he reassured her that he isn’t going to hurt her, and that he would never do that to her. I reallkjgjh.pngy like them so much. We as the reader didn’t have to get to know the two we just got the privilege to watch them fall in love with each other. I’m happy that Nate knows that she wants to do everything by herself and doesn’t let her. He is bringing her walls down and she is showing him that not all relationships fail.  After everything that has happened with his mother and father, he doesn’t really know what to think about how he feels. He wants to have this with her and everything is going great for them. During a long day he gets the new that the guy that got pick over him is quitting and they need him over in London. He doesn’t know that to do. He loves this show but he loves Alice and what they have. Nate doesn’t really have time to think to much about this, later that night he has to go to some event and speak. When Alice shows up and hears the news she feels so much in that moment. Alice knows that Nate love this show but in her heart she knows he loves her even if he hasn’t said it.  Alice cant let him give up this show, his dream. Nate really hasn’t had a the time to think about any of it. He doesn’t know what to say to Alice when he’s tells him that she will watch every episode and will always remember the time they shared and walks away. I know a lot may not agree with me but sometimes love is where you would give up everything for that person to get their dream. It sucked that she walked away so that he could have something he has always wanted. I wish she would have taken the time to talk to him and to give it some time to think on. Nate I wish would have told her how he felt about her. They could have work it out faster. Alice and Nate got something that not everyone gets in there life time and when they need to fight to stay together one ran and the other froze. I really hope that when all the Bennett’s find love that we can get somewhere like their story’s. I cant wait for the next one Layla Hagen books always gives me the feels. Thank you for sending me a copy of this book for an honesty review. Go over to Amazon and pick up your copy. Also Check out her website she always has something going on over there.ihjb.png


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